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@ElMayimbe and the case of the Lucasfilm Survey!

ElMaybimbe has posted a photo from Lucasfilm’s Obi Wants to Know Me, which is designed to gather feedback from various participants on certain issues Lucasfilm wants data on. The interesting thing is Lucasfilm wants to know how casting rumors affect the fan base and they actually list two rumored actors in that survey.

The data gathered, which we will likely never know about, must be really fascinating. Do casting rumors hurt franchises? Do they help them? Do they even matter? I think the answer would change depending on the person you ask. We know that when anything official hits, some people love it, some people react like the internet is giving them a wedgie (no relation to the Antilles family). I think what Lucasfilm is trying to gauge is what is the totality of it.

The knee jerk reaction is to say “oh my god! The rumors are all true! They want to know what we think of their choices!” But that doesn’t appear to be the point of the survey. The point of the survey is to figure out what it means when third parties report on things true or untrue with their work.

This does come on the heels of Matt Martin of Lucasfilm facetiously commenting on the recent rumors we’ve encountered with this hilarious, if not classic response:

Martin is clearly not a Lucasfilm spokesperson; he is probably just giving his two cents on the topic. But it might be somewhat insightful regarding what the rest of Lucasfilm thinks of such things, especially when they are not true.

Could be it be to vent those possible choices to a focus group? Sure. That is possible. But  it is even more possible that is not the case. I don’t think they would put something like that online if that was what was really happening behind the scenes. Because you know, someone might take a screenshot and send it to @ElMayimbe and then it might end up on thousands of little sites like mine.


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