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Speculation: What if Lawrence Kasdan is directing a Han Solo Star Wars Spin-off?

With the recent spin-off news hitting last night that the new films will be origin stories, I cannot help but wonder about which character’s stories we are going to get.  We know the spin-offs are origin stories now. We keep hearing we are getting a movie about the formative years of Han Solo and another about Boba fett’s. The recent wave of rumors suggested that Lucasfilm is searching for a young Han Solo parallel to the Episode VII casting (via Bleeding Cool).

I’m only 33 here, just so you know.

Is it possible they are looking for a young Han Solo for this film when we do not even have a director for it? Sure. It could happen. They could start to get candidates in line and then a director could come aboard and tie it all together. My speculative mind thinks Lucasfilm might already have a director. We are getting to the point where an announcement should be nearing. We heard about Abrams last November and we’re almost to October now (the first spin-off should run a year behind Episode VII). I think they could have had Abrams in earlier had there not been complications getting him initially.

See this camera? I direct it too!

But what if the director has been under our noses all along? What if the writer, Lawrence Kasdan is actually the director too? It could happen. Granted, Kasdan writing Star Wars is atypical for him overall, so talking about what Kasdan does typically is somewhat problematic. However, Kasdan generally directs the movies he writes. Was that what brought him back to Star Wars? The chance to write and direct his own space western starring a young Han Solo would seem appealing to the man who directed Silverado and Wyatt Earp. Kasdan made those films but also wrote two movies with Han Solo in them (you might have heard of them), so there are a lot of attachments to genre and character for him.

I just like this picture and want to see Young Lando and Han betraying one another.

When I imagine a western Han Solo story written by Lawrence Kasdan, I imagine Silverado in space, in terms of humor and tone. I think that tone for a western is right for Star Wars. Han and Lando can betray one another and it isn’t heart wrenching, it is comical. It wouldn’t be extremely gritty, it would be spirited. Kasdan is not giving history lessons in his westerns, he’s concentrating genres down to their fun essence.

You can get angry at me, but I would not mind seeing Kevin Kline in a Star Wars movie either (an actor who has worked with Kasdan around six times). I can see him playing a scoundrel mentor to Han Solo, maybe even the original owner of the Falcon. I would watch that film.

Han Solo does this stuff.

That’s the great thing about these new spin-offs, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully Kasdan does get his shot at directing this. He is a fun director and a great writer. The western genre means different things to different people.  I enjoy his lighthearted and fun take on it.


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