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Lucasfilm takes control of Pinewood Studios in November for Star Wars Episode VII

The team over at Jedi News has reported a rumor:

Hearing that Pinewood will be handed to Lucasfilm in November. Looking at late Feb, early March shoot. Disney already have control of all stages but there’s currently no sign of Star Wars set design / build. There was one large medieval type set. It looked odd for the film being made, but not like Star Wars as we know it. Security was mild so unlikely to be Star Wars there yet.

This image of the George Lucas stage is meant to confuse you.

This is probably the most realistic rumor we have heard so far. It appears that if this rumor is accurate, building would begin in November and continue on until the February/March when filming would begin.

This does not mean the movie is off track or anything wild like that. In fact, this actually sounds reasonable. Also don’t forget that a ton of work can be done in pre-viz and I’m sure huge visual effects sequences will begin at ILM at the same time.

Once again, thanks to Jedi News for the rumor update!



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