New U.K. Yoda Ad! Yoda saves the day and a child’s life!

Yoda 3

A new Yoda ad just hit the U.K. featuring Yoda saving a little boy while construction works marvel at a phone instead of doing their jobs. It is a pretty good ad.


Yoda looks as half baked as some hyperbolic commentators make CGI sound in the older films, but for an ad not being produced at Super Bowl prices, it is pretty nice work. Most of all the ad is entertaining.

Yoda 2


I remember in the year before The Phantom Menace, Lucas did an interview with a visual effects magazine and he said he would be able to use Yoda in ads one day if he wanted to because once they had the digital puppet, they were free to do anything they wanted after the film was done. This clearly didn’t happen on Lucas’ watch, but it is happening now.


Yoda 1

Thanks to Jedi News for the heads up!


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