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Speculation: Are Star Wars Episode VII Characters Getting Code Names?

Are Star Wars Episode VII characters getting code names behind the scenes?

I have a theory about all the rumors. This is based off of talking to a few different sources over the last twenty four hours about Star Wars, mostly about Star Wars Episode VII to be precise. I like to think I know when someone is lying. I am good at asking questions to poke holes in stories. In grad school, I worked with undergrads a lot and I got kind of good at telling when someone was bullshitting me, didn’t do the reading, or was lying for extensions or why they did what they did on a paper. That is not to say I should work for the FBI or anything, just that my filter is adequate for such things.

The varioust people I have been talking to about Star Wars Episode VII all strike me as believing what they are saying and what they think they know. The problem is they are contradicting one another. Friends of also have sources saying things that interface with what we are hearing but only to an extent. Some believe there is a misinformation campaign going on. A part of me thinks that might be possible.  Another part of me thinks there is no reason for a misinformation campaign. Fan speculation, liars, people who do not know the meaning of “official,” and attention seekers work a misinformation campaign of their own incidentally. We never needed one during the prequel era. The fan community was able to look in the mirror and say “You have done that yourself!” in an Obi-Wan Kenobi voice.

I am not really interested in becoming a “scoop site.” I want to express my enthusiasm for Star Wars and the making of Star Wars. So in a way, it does open us up for that direction. But it is not one we are likely to seek out.  We are about Star Wars and our enthusiasm for it. I remember during the prequel era, it became a race that was sort of silly. I am not saying I am above “scoops” or whatever. But I am not interested in ruining all the secrets and surprises if I ever knew them (which I don’t).

The point of this write up is that I am starting to think the EU names are being used as code names for new characters. If “new late teen male” is like Ben Skywalker, the powers that be may be using that name in certain avenues rather than the real name of the character to protect that portion of their secrecy. If that was true it would allow me to reconcile a lot of what I’m hearing from completely disparate sources.

I was vetting one thing when someone I trust told me:

A lot is in a name. But names can be changed. Remember that.

I do remember Brian Blessed believing he was playing King Kayos in Star Wars Episode I. He played Boss Nass, but King Kayos was in an early draft of the first Star Wars. So there might be some examples for such methods in Lucasfilm’s past, unless King Kayos became Boss Nass during the production that is.

I realize I am being really optimistic here. I am choosing to believe that enthusiasm has people talking about this stuff and their intentions are pure.

What do you think? Would they use code names based off of EU archetypes or are they simply pulling EU characters and reworking them for Star Wars Episode VII?


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