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Star Wars Episode VII: Daniel Day Lewis and is Latino Review Getting Hoodwinked?

First, lets start with the fun. Latino Review @elmayimbe is saying Daniel Day Lewis, Kathleen Kennedy, and George Lucas had dinner together in San Rafael. I wonder if they ate at Foodles? I hope this one is real and by real I mean the implication. The implication being Daniel Day Lewis is in Star Wars Episode VII. We’ve name dropped him before on the podcast. He would be great. His career mirrors Liam Neeson’s in the sense he worked with Kennedy and Spielberg on a high profile historical drama (Schindler’s List and Lincoln). Daniel Day Lewis would certainly class the joint up.

That said, it might have just been a dinner between three people who have worked in the same industry and are friends. Kennedy would have said “please do Star Wars” and he might have said “no” in a Lincoln voice. That could have happened as well.

Meghan O’Keefe, a blogger for VH1 (as well as comedian and actor) dropped this on Tumblr:

Okay. It’s time to unleash insider knowledge.

The Latino Review is so despised amongst high ranking producers that they let their minions unleash batshit crazy rumors to the Latino Review for kicks. Oh, and I have it on good authority that one big nerd studio hates this site so much that should a big story actually leak to them, the studio head purposely kills whatever the casting call or plot leak was and has his team go for Plan B. To FUCK with Latino Review.

They can be on sometimes, but only if the film studio doesn’t change their mind or or if the film studio isn’t fucking with them.

Now, they can be right. So, this could be true. But much like a tarot reading, it could change tomorrow.

So…just know that when you read or reblog Latino Review? Like they do have spies…but their spies are up against more than the usual ones. I’m totally going to read their scoop…but with THE BIGGEST GRAIN OF SALT. As should you.

Just saying.

Meghan O’Keefe’s Tumblr via StarWars7News.com

I have to say, I have followed spoilers, especially Star Wars spoilers online since 1997. For the most part, I felt like I saw it all. @elmayimbe however is different. He’s different in the sense that he actually taunts the people he is scooping. Sometimes he makes me chuckle here and there. Sometimes I feel it comes from a questionable place. It does not come off as being about wanting to share news from an I.P. he is enthusiastic about, but rather that he can beat Marvel security. Some of what Meghan writes above seems a little far fetched. But @elmayimbe is essentially provoking a fight with the studios, especially Marvel. His attitude online is unique and maybe that is warranting a unique response from the studio in question.

If it is true that “one big nerd studio” is after Latino Review (presumably Marvel), what happens when the majority of Latino Review’s exclusives end up being false? They will have a hard time with readers taking them seriously. For all they’ve nailed, getting a huge Star Wars scoop wrong will probably be more memorable. Such a studio technique does seem like it would work to an extent. But it won’t stop the real scoops Latino Review gets and they will keep releasing real stories and that will keep things interesting. Of course, if they should release the first new pictures of the Millennium Falcon in over thirty years, that would be rather memorable too, I’d think.

I’m to a point now where I don’t really care if they’re right or wrong anymore. This is all fun. This era will end soon and we will never get it back. This is the second time we’ve been in this section of a pre-film era, the first being Episode I. I’m guessing we’ll just always have Star Wars films coming after this and things will never get so quiet again. I fully embrace it with open arms. Once we know more official information about Star Wars Episode VII it will be harder to fake scoops and our filter will be a little stronger. Until then, we just have no clue when something possible is a reality or not.


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