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Star Wars Episode VII: Just Accept the Truth, Internet. Rumors are usually false.

So we have apparently hit an impasse. People have decided that they cannot accept denials. They are “going down a path I cannot follow.”

Padmé Amidala hates denial deniers.

In fact, I hate this idea that we should not accept denials. The go to example for why they don’t matter is that Abrams said he wasn’t directing Star Wars Episode VII and then was directing Star Wars Episode VII. That’s because he said “no” and then said “yes.” It wasn’t the old “switcheroo” meant to trick us or anything. Abrams first refused and then accepted a short while later. Could this happen with an actor? Sure. But according to the internet, this is going to happen with every actor rumored to be in the film.

Abrams is clearly flipping you off for not understanding the way the world works.

The second reason people have decided to not accept a denial is because Abrams supposedly told everyone Khan was not in Star Trek Into Darkness. Once again, that is an arbitrary example. If you had asked Lucas if Luke was Darth Vader’s son in 1979,  I don’t think Lucas would have answered it truthfully. He probably would have denied it to not spoil his movie. Yet Lucasfilm did not go on a misinformation “trek” with any of the Star Wars films. Sure, they changed a title of a movie once, but that had absolutely nothing to do with you or your nerdy forefathers.

This guy wasn’t trying to trick you when he said Boba was in Episode III and then he wasn’t. Things change. Game called life.

By such logic, we can never accept anything one way or the other. We are in an endless loop of speculation which will not die until the movie hits theaters. Such a decision is making a thought policy based on the exception to the rule rather than how the rules generally operate. Lucasfilm doesn’t trick us or want to deceive us. They’ve never gone that way and with the people there now, I don’t think it is anywhere near going in that direction.

Today has left internet commentator’s brains in an endless loop of “a denial.”

Nirvana warned us about this back in September of 1991.

I know my words will not make a difference. But if we can make a slight false equivalency here: you guys are acting like conspiracy theorists to make crappy information true when it just isn’t true. I would say when Lucasfilm is quiet and reps aren’t denying things is when you should put some stock in certain rumors.

I know you wanted Cumberbatch in your Star Wars. Maybe you even wanted Wendy from Peter Pan, that’s cool too. But just because you want it and the internet said it was happening doesn’t make it so.




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