Star Wars Rebel Alliance Bi-Fold Wallet Review

A few weeks ago, my wife Amanda and myself took a stroll through the mall. She’s eight months pregnant so walking is a good idea and pregnant life can give you cabin fever. We walked into Spencers and saw a bunch of junk we didn’t really need. Well, I kind of needed a hat that said “I break for boobs” but Amanda said I couldn’t have it. But she did say I could have a Star Wars Rebel Alliance Action Packed Wallet (not the real name).

I got it. I was happy. When I take my wallet out on the campus where I work, people comment on how cool it is. Chicks know I’m a rebel. It is just the thing I needed this Fall season.

Mine looked just like Pete’s when I bought it:

But there was a little unsettling dissatisfaction with it. But it looked so cool, I just put it out of my mind.

Today I had to go to the DMV. I figured I had better bring my social security card with me. Now, one should never keep their SS# or card in their wallet. But today was a day when I needed to do just that. The card does not fit into the slots at all. It took a lot of working out the slots to just make my ATM card and other identification cards fit. The compartment behind the ID slot holds anything, but I find it is so loose that things often slip out. That last part might just be my experience with what I have to put in that compartment.

But I can take all of that jazz just fine.

Nice threads… wait, nope!

However, after roughly three weeks use, the white threading is coming loose all the time. I work in an office environment, I’m not doing manual labor. I don’t have restless leg syndrome making my pant pocket sending the wallet tumbling eight hours a day. The wallet is not getting that much abuse. It just cheaply made. That’s the price for being a rebel.

Hopefully Pete has a better experience than I had. We will have to see how Pete’s wallet holds up for him. At this point, I’m not recommending the line at all. Great design, poor execution.

If you want to buy one for yourself because you know I’m an idiot, has them here.


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