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Star Wars: Underworld could move forward, be reworked, or a new show could take its place.

Blue Sky Disney is reporting some really fascinating Star Wars Live Action Series news. It comes right on the heels of our recent article about Star Wars: Underworld and 1313.  They are very careful to say that all of this is still in the preliminary stages.

There is talk going on, but nothing definite yet as to what a new series could entail.  In fact, it may not even happen in the time it was originally set.

It is possible you could transfer the time and keep the place. We know 1313 prospered during The Dark Times. But with the collapse of the Galactic Empire, I would imagine 1313 became very profitable. As we saw in Return of the Jedi, there were riots and celebrations following the death of imperialism. I would imagine that would also make it a ripe time for space gangsters the galaxy over. Too bad old Jabba wasn’t there to capitalize on the opportunities.

 there’s a debate as to whether or not a television show would take place in between the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy, or should they go forward with a series that’s between the Original Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy.  This way they could play on the new mythos this new trilogy is creating.

With the focus being on the crime world, it probably won’t matter too much if they change it conceptually. But it still seems more interesting  to see how imperialism facilitates the black market. You can see how the black markets fund the rebellion, help people who need things they could not otherwise get, but they also can be really horrible. When the dominant power structure is something our heroes have inherited, it makes the whole thing sit in a really weird place.

Really right now it’s just batting ideas around and seeing which ones work and which ones they want to pitch to the network.

Can we just have two Live Action Series shows, please? I’ll watch them all, I promise.

 But the narratives being discussed right now go back between making a series out of the stories they originally got written which will be set at the dawn of the Empire, or creating a whole new set of adventures after the destruction of the Galactic Empire set at the dawn of the New Republic.

Both ideas are such great time frames set after huge events that shake up the lives of the galaxy. If we got either show, I would be pleased. But if we don’t get Star Wars: Underworld, we will always wonder about the potential it held and what it might have been.

Nothing is likely to be done before next year since the “Star Wars Rebels” and the ramp up for “Episode VII”.  But if the brainstorming leads to a story they want to present, things could move faster.

Blue Sky Disney then goes on to say they believe we will not hear anything else until 2014 as they want to get the sequel trilogy and Star Wars Rebels up and running. I just hope we get a Star Wars Live Action series that lives up to the potential such an ideas has. I am not a huge Marvel fan so the new Agents of Shield series was entertaining and sort of dopey to me at the same time. It was cool enough to continue checking out a few more times to see if it gets better, but dopey enough I know I don’t really love it.

More Star Wars is always better. But in an era where we’re getting a film a year, I want it, but I can do without it.

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