The Hold Up On Zen’s New Star Wars Pinball Tables

I really need to play Zen Pinball’s new Star Wars tables consisting of Return of the Jedi and Starfighter Assault.

We have a baby coming next week and it has been a high risk pregnancy. We are doing extensive monitoring at the hospital a few times a week. That pretty much means I’m going to be spending at least twelve hours in the hospital with my wife hooked up to monitors, sitting in waiting rooms and all that jazz.

With that in mind, I have been really looking forward to the new Star Wars Pinball tables. The first Zen Star Wars Pinball tables were fantastic. I would even call them classics already. I see myself wanting to revisit them every so often for years to come. The new ones look like they might be even better. So it will be a pretty good time waster for me and my wife during all that down time.

The problem I’m running into is I cannot buy them in the Zen Pinball app where I own the first set. I can buy a new app called Star Wars Pinball 2. But the problem is it appears you have to buy it for a few bucks and it comes with the table I already own. After that I can spend additional money to buy the new tables. But that means I’m buying a table I already own for a few bucks. If I go with that, I’m also having to spread my tables and games over two apps instead of one. I also own all the other Zen Pinball tables so I have even more incentive to keep them altogether nicely.

Zen has always been really great about being proactive in the community, so I reached out to them on Twitter:

So that’s the problem. It is all Apple on Apple’s end. I was hoping to have had an extensive review up by now. I really do appreciate Zen always being so forthcoming and responsive to questions.



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