John Williams Is Not Scoring Star Wars Rebels Music

The rumor I ran that John Williams was conducting the music for Star Wars Rebels was inaccurate. Pete over at Rebels Report shot it down today. I think if we’re going to run a rumor, it is important we also run the story that proves what we were told was inaccurate.

Our good bud Pete over at Rebel’s Report:


So what about the Michael Giacchino follow up that shot down the Williams report? Pete asked before that bit came into us:

This is exactly why we ran those pieces with the stipulation it was something we heard that might not be accurate. I also think it will be the last time we run rumors we hear. I did not enjoy the attention it brought us via certain huge message boards. It just wasn’t worth it and I am not in position that I feel like passing that stuff on anymore. I hear a lot of things, most of it entirely eye roll worthy, to be honest.

So with that, I think we will keep Making Star Wars about commentating on Star Wars goings on. I hope no one got their hopes up too high and if you did, we did our best to warn you.

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