Lost Return of the Jedi footage found!

Boy, after all three of J.W. Rinzler’s Enhance Making of Star Wars books hit, we get this dropping on us now. When it rain it pours, I suppose.

This Facebook page has the most interesting find on it since… well last Tuesday when Rinzler’s books hit. A long lost Edit Droid laserdisc with 30 minutes of alternate takes from Return of the Jedi.


It was incredible to see a moment where Yoda actually admits that Obi-Wan wanted to tell Luke about his father, but Yoda forbade it. Moments later, Yoda falls down limp and the puppeteer needs a break as he apologizes for needing to relax his wary arm. Other bits of the footage only have historical relevance as we see Artoo working on the X-Wing, the footage really just consisting of coverage.

rot2 rot3 rot4 rot5

Head over there and see the footage! Hopefully they continue to release the rest of the footage for us to see soon.

Thanks to Furious Fanboys for the heads up!



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