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October 23rd Could Be the Day Real Star Wars Episode VII News Drops

Our buds over at Jedi News have some rumors for us today:

  • 23rd October looking like the date we may see the first official major Episode Seven cast news drop.

  • One problem may be Apple announcing today a product launch on 22nd and they are a PR drain. They want to avoid the last week of the month to give Thor chance to get the press as it starts international on 30th with US opening 8th Nov.

  • Announcements have been held back at Harrison’s request so he can do his world press junket without having “to endure” SW Q

It looks like October 23rd might be the day. Okay, I can wait (if the report is accurate).

Unfortunately, there was nothing shooting down or propping up that Luke Skywalker teaser trailer we heard about. I wanted that rumor to be true but felt it was probably false and unless it drops in the next few hours, the should be considered incorrect. The source of the Luke Skywalker teaser trailer backed up some rumors we at Making Star Wars have known where incorrect for a few months now. So I’m not really counting on it coming true, but stranger stuff has happened.

Regarding the Jedi News rumors (or any rumor for that matter), nothing is official or promised until makes it a promise and elevates it above the rumor state. This is a rumor, but you all know that. Visit for your official news and for your conjecture, bull shit, and raised eyebrows.


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