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Rumor: Michael Giacchino Strikes Back – and He’s Scoring Star Wars Rebels?

Yesterday we ran a rumor that John Williams was scoring Star Wars Rebels which we heard from a source at USC. Our comrades at Jedi News heard J.J. Abrams was writing the theme song.

Now I have had correspondence with another person I trust in the industry:

 Michael Giacchino was considered. No one is officially on Star Wars Rebels yet.

Michael Giacchino has done countless projects for Abrams and scored Star Tours II in accordance with John Williams.

Michael Giacchino was assumed by many to score Episode VII until John Williams made it clear he was returning if he could, Abrams said he wanted him to return, and then it was announced he was officially returning. That was the end of Michael Giacchino and Star Wars it seemed. Although many have speculated he could compose the music for one of the Star Wars spin-off films.

So it gets more complicated. To be honest, I think the Michael Giacchino rumor might fair a bit better for Jedi News’ rumor. I could be mistaken, but I believe Michael Giacchino handled the main theme’s recording for Fringe, but it was written on the piano by J.J. Abrams. Or could it be that Williams is writing the music and Michael Giacchino is handling the production and recording for Star Wars Rebels?

To be honest, all three prospects or possibilities we have heard so far are exciting. A part of me still hopes Kevin Kiner gets to come back. He handled the end of The Clone Wars with class and did it on his own dime. Star Wars fans, in my opinion, owe him a great debt of gratitude for that. I certainly hope if he has been brought back for Star Wars Rebels, these rumors do not dishonor his contribution. In all honestly, I considered him a given for Star Wars Rebels until these rumors hit and it was not even on my mind that someone else could do the music for the show.

I will say this, we are really excited for Star Wars Rebels. But things have officially become complicated on this issue. We are just going to leave this all right here and walk away from it for now. We are not a rumor site but we were trying to pass on something fun we had heard. We will leave the big news to StarWars.com and drop this matter now.

Remember, everything on this issue has been rumor. Nothing has come from StarWars.com, the entity that releases official information.


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