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Unlikely Star Wars Announcement Hints?

Jeremy Conrad over at Furious Fanboys has a theory. It isn’t a theory I necessarily buy, although I want to. His theory pertains to the rumor we were getting a new teaser trailer announcement. If you recall we heard about a Luke Skywalker teaser trailer which was supposed to hit within a few days of the leak, but did not. Shortly after, we got this from the official Star Wars YouTube page:

October 9th

October 16th



I want this to happen. It is interesting how the first teaser trailer for Star Wars V didn’t use any real footage at all. Could Lucasfilm point that out to us because we’re getting something that contains no footage? Sure. But at the same time, these are teaser trailers. I’m not sure they’re ready to release a teaser trailer so I’m not sure how relevant the lead up is. If it is just to lead up to announcements, teaser trailers kind of relate to announcements, but they’re still a different beast.

I want this to be true. But I’m not so sure it is. I give Jeremy a lot of credit for putting that together though and I do think it is possible, however unlikely, he has found a weakness. Hopefully it is accurate and we can evacuate our bowels in a moment of triumph at the end of the month.


Literally seconds after posting this:



The Return of the Jedi Teaser has been posted.

Theorist will continue to theorize.


I don’t think Matt could be any clearer, myself:

We’re awesome for posting cool vintage content and I feel no guilt if people want to read into that being more than it is.

— Matt Martin (@missingwords) October 24, 2013


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