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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 sync issues?

EDIT: Go here for replacement disc info. and contributor Mark Seyb:

Now that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is out on Blu-ray and people have begun to watch the episodes, people are reporting various problems with the release. Some issues appear to be that discs will not play on some Blu-ray players, and other people are reporting audio sync issues.

On the Message Boards, a user named DarthMarino says:

Easy place to spot the sync issue:

Disc 2, the first episode “Missing in Action”. Starting at 18:15 focus on the laser bolts throughout the gun fight. They are completely off sync. It’s especially easy to notice when they take multiple shots in a row.

Are any of you spotting sync issues or having problems playing your discs? Bill Hunt over at has sent an inquiry to Warner Bros. No response has been given yet, but if we hear of anything, we’ll let you know.

It is not immediately clear if these issues are on DVD and Blu-ray or if they vary depending on the different sets available. Thanks to Mark for bringing this to our attention and we will update this story when there is something to report.



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