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Star Wars Episode VII: 11-11-15? Teaser April 4th?

Jedi Master SQL is getting damn specific with the information being passed onto our buds over at Jedi News.

A Non live action teaser trailer will be aired on 4th April 2014, the release date of Marvel Studios Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The teaser will be similar to the recent Star Wars Rebels trailer in style and will be the first official reveal of Episode VII’s release date of 11th November 2015 (11/11/15).

We had heard of a Thanksgiving release before too. But it was never something I put too much stock in because not only did it seem weird, it seemed like something tentative or being tossed around at best. Now, maybe things have changed and as someone else is pointing to that general date too.

When I  heard the original Thanksgiving rumor, I was told to not take it that seriously because marketing was looking at every date on the calendar. That was back in early September, if I remember things correctly.

As always we appreciate Jedi Master SQL sharing and Jedi News for providing that outlet. We will see….


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