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Star Wars Episode VII Working Titles?

Latino Review claims they have heard the working titles Lucas passed onto Disney:

I was exclusively told that during that time, it seems that George had two working titles for Star Wars: Episode VII that were competing in his mind: Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi! These working titles were turned over to the Disney Company through the sale, BUT, there is no guarantee whatsoever that Disney will use these titles for the movie.

Anything is possible. But those sound less than inspired for George Lucas. His titles for past works were either really non-committal like “The Beginning” or  “Jar Jar’s Great Adventure.”

Return of the Sith sounds kind of gimmicky when it follows Return of the Jedi. Rise of the Jedi sounds a bit like the fake titles we were hearing for years during the “Rise of the Empire” names we heard during the prequel era.

I’m not saying they’re real or fake working titles. It does sound like Lucas’ heart was really into naming the movie at that point, if true. He never really named his movies himself until they were way into production and the title suited the tone of what he filmed.

If the report is accurate, it might have been about making that treatment more marketable to Disney, to get them salivating even more at the buy out.

No matter the legitimacy of the title, Arndt, Arbams, and Lucas… you can do better.


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