Star Wars Rebels Plot Points Revealed

Pete over at Lightsaber Rattling has pointed us to this description from StarWars.com’s description for the Star Wars Rebels packaging:

Star Wars Rebels continues the epic tradition of the legendary Star Wars saga with all-new exciting, action-packed adventures. It is a dark time in the galaxy, as the evil Galactic Empire tightens its grip of power from world to world. As the series begins, Imperial forces have occupied a remote planet, ruling with an iron fist and ruining the lives of its people. But there are a select few who are brave enough to stand up against the endless Stormtroopers and TIE fighters of the Empire: the clever and motley crew of the starship Ghost. Together, this ragtag group will face threatening new villains, have thrilling adventures, and become heroes.

As Pete points out, this is most likely exactly what Kinberg’s first one hour long television film will be about. Imperial occupation settles in on the planet, making the teen’s rebel against the tyranny they face. Setting that up in the first episode would mean they would not have to spend time focusing on planets being conquered. Instead we will get the idea and we can move on to the action and the stuff that makes the rebels into heroes.

It appears as if the Galactic Empire makes some huge mistakes after The Clone Wars. Backwater planets that lack strategic importance are seen as weak and not a threat. These places they think have honey also have bees, apparently.

We know the Ghost was a main setting in the series, but now we know the crew of the Ghost are the main characters. Conceptually, this idea sounds like a lot of fun.

Pete also thinks the planet could be Sicemon, from Lucas’ rough draft of Return of the Jedi. He makes a compelling argument, and I think he’s most likely right on the money.

Nice work, Pete.


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