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Star Wars Rebels’ Sienar Fleet Systems and the Occupation of Lothal

The pins handed out after the Star Wars Rebels panel point towards where this image can be found:



Lothal was in a state of economic disrepair. They invited the Galactic Empire to build a TIE Fighter factory on the planet. Quickly thereafter, the only options for young people were to join the Stormtrooper Corps, attend Imperial Flight School, or work for Sienar Fleet Systems. The youth on the planet have no other options once they became part of the Empire.

Soon after, it appears the youths became disenfranchised with their options and the deal that was struck with the Galactic Empire and they rebelled.

I really want one of those pins. They’re pretty rad. I missed out on the D23 pin too (because I respectfully stayed for the whole panel instead of fleeing for the pin and being rude). They’re pretty fancy affairs, if I may say so myself.



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