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Star Wars Rebels Teaser is here!

I was watching the Disney XD stream that’s provided through the Disney website when this popped up. A higher quality video should be released soon and that will replace this one. Until then, I wanted everyone from all time zones to enjoy!

UPDATE: has uploaded the teaser:



EDIT: Jason here. The WP app failed me and thankfully Jonhamarie picked up on my incompetence and put me back on schedule. Here is the post that was supposed to go up.

We finally got our first look at the new Star Wars Rebels teaser!

Thanks to @starwars @DisneyChannelPR for providing us with your first look!

Could there have been more? In reality, no. The show is new and has not actually been produced yet. But do we want more? We always want more. We’re lucky to get 15 seconds at this point, really. After the great stories we got with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, we’ve seen what can be done with Star Wars in animated form with 22 minute to 88 long minute stories in a serialized fashion.

I was in the camp that loved the look of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I do look forward to a new art style. There was something to say for continuing what we had before so they interfaced perfectly, but since we’re already stretching the Star Wars Saga over several different mediums at this point anyways, a fresh look does not step on my toes.

After what Pablo Hildalgo and Leland Chee said on The Force Cast about the story group, we should be even more excited about new Star Wars television shows, books, and video games, as Kathleen Kennedy’s first directive when she took over Lucasfilm was to form the story group and make those mediums speak to one another and let the story drive everything.

We got so many looks at spin-off Star Wars via The Clone Wars from things like 1313 to Underworld. It is safe to say Star Wars Rebels will have some roots which spawn some Star Wars Episode VII ideas. We recently heard that David Oyelowo had been cast in Star Wars Episode VII but then later on it was announced he was in final talks to be in Star Wars Rebels. Jedi News than said he was in both the series and the film and his character in Star Wars Rebels set up his character in Star Wars Episode VII.

If that was just the teaser, I can’t wait for the trailer.


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