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Abrams on Star Wars VII Release Date and R2 and 3PO have different agents!

This MTV interview is pretty fun.

  • Abrams says the “Summer 2015” release date was dropped outside of the reality of the project creatively and he is in an “infinitly better situation,” now thanks to moving it further into 2015. A release date is great, but you have to release something great, in this instance.
  • Abrams laughs at the notion he and Kasdan are listening to the Star Wars music as they write.
  • It appears Josh Horowitz tries to fish for a confirmation that Threepio is in the film, but Abrams responds with wit and declares they have different agents.
  • Finally Josh Horowitz does his Jar Jar impression and Abrams cheerfully responds “there really is no response to this…”

Thanks to Tricia for the heads up!


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