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Chiwetel Ejiofor Cast in Star Wars: Episode VII?

This just in from Jedi News. Chiwetel Ejiofor has been cast in Star Wars: Episode VII. Ejiofor is best known for his roles in Firefly’s Serenity, Children of Men, American Gangster, and several other films and TV series. The British actor met up with J.J. Abrams earlier this week and additional details will be revealed tomorrow in The Times, a British daily national newspaper.

We understand that British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, who was a very early consideration for a role in the film and who also met with J.J. Abrams this week, will be joining the cast of Episode VII in an as yet undisclosed role. Ejiofor, currently starring in the Oscar tipped 12 Years A Slave is no stranger to ensemble casts having been in Love, Actually back in 2003.

Stay tuned for more information as this story develops.


We trust Jedi News but we’re going to question this for the sake of thoroughness. The first strike against him is that he was seen in Abrams’ office. Proximity breeds rumors. The second strike is he was in a movie with Cumberbatch. Rumors tend to spawn out of such associations. If you’re watching Cumberbatch in a movie thinking about the Episode VII connection he’s had, you tend to see other possibilities in the actors on screen too. So we got two strikes, but we don’t have three! So we decided to report on it and pass on our friend’s at Jedi News’ story.

All of this depends on your point of view though. We know they are casting a black actor around Ejiofor’s age and two men from Red Tails also tried out and one was cast in Star Wars Rebels reportedly. The other positive to this rumor is that Ejiofor was actually in Abrams’ office. The man works on lots of movies and shows, but if he was working on Star Wars VII at that moment, there we go…

Hopefully we find out tomorrow if this is true. I like Ejiofor and think he would be excellent in a Star Wars film.

Remember, nothing is official until we have official word, officially, from the official Star Wars website,!


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