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College Student Not in Star Wars Episode VII (Updated)

This is a weird one. A college newspaper, The Hillsdale Collegian, is reporting one of their students has been cast in a role in Star Wars Episode VII. The page has since been removed to spare their servers, we’re guessing. But thankfully, Jedi News nabbed an excerpt:

— is not allowed to release any information about his part or any information about the movie. His casting director, Maryellen Aviano of Buena Vista Home Entertainment, strictly warned him not to release anything about his role.

“They didn’t tell me too much about my role, and the script won’t be released until the spring. It’s all pretty hush-hush,” — said.

/Film nabbed another excerpt:

A few individuals were brought to a table and shook hands with the casting team. If the team liked one of the candidates, they would be brought back into a room and told to read lines. From this group, the casting team decided who would be given the part.

Lets pretend this is not a college prank. If this young man is in the film and has indeed been cast in a role, it must be really small. Logically it cannot be for the larger role of “Thomas,” as they’re still seeing people for that part around the world. These are likely the types of parts where Han Solo looks you in the eye and says “I’ll see you in hell!”

If this isn’t a college prank, congratulations to —- on an experience he’ll likely never forget.


Update 2:

We have now heard from many sources this was a prank by the college kid. I’ve removed his name as to not give him any more attention.

Update 3:



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