EA Canada Job Postings Might Indicate Open World Star Wars Game!

Kotaku reports:

The EA Canada Star Wars game may be the same as the one in production at Visceral Games. The copy on the animation director posting says EA Canada wants someone who has experience with “multi-site development.” And another EA Canada Star Wars opening—for an executive producer—is a near-exact copy of another Star Wars executive producer posting at Redwood Shores, save for a few words about the studio’s location. AAA open-world games are also massive endeavors, and EA Canada has downsized its non-sports development staff in recent years. EA Canada would have to staff up significantly if it were leading development on the project, and the three aforementioned openings are the only ones for this Star Wars title.

You can read the job listing here.

As someone that has been playing GTAV everyday since it came out, this possibility is something rather enthralling. I’m a gamer, but I’m not a huge gamer, but this actually gets me excited for the possibilities. It burned a little when I learned that 1313 was an open world sandbox game and then it burned more when I learned it was changing focus. Hopefully this means we get some of that coming at us soon.

On this week’s episode of Now, This is Podcasting!, we asked what kind of Star Wars game we wanted in the future. I said a GTA styled sandbox game. Do I have special powers? Probably not. We’re having Jeremy Conrad back on the show this Saturday, hopefully we can make some sense of this between his expertise and Randy’s.


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