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Jason Flemyng Posted Star Wars VII Script Pages on Instagram?

Edit: Jason Flemyng has removed the picture from his Instagram.

I don’t really know what to make of the Jason Flemyng pictures:


I’m fairly certain they don’t let you read the Star Wars Episode VII script if you’re involved. I don’t think anyone has ever got a full script. We also know the script isn’t really done yet, so why would they give Jason Flemyng a script to read if he was in the film at this juncture? However, that looks like a page to me and not a full script anyways. So perhaps he’s reading for a part and that’s the script page he got akin to the Rachael/Thomas stuff that has popped up via the casting site?

Weirder things have happened. But I think Jason Flemyng might be trolling us or that is something else Star Wars related, like Star Wars Rebels?

He misspoke in the past about Star Wars Episode VII, even saying Matthew Vaughn was involved:

Interestingly, Jason Flemyng’s father directed the two 1960’s Doctor Who feature films starring Peter Cushing. Do I see a small connection between Flemyng’s family involvement with Doctor Who, this rumor popping up, and then a rumor that Matt Smith (Doctor Who) is in Star Wars Episode VII? Yes, I do. Maybe someone got their wires crossed some place? Who knows? Not me.

Either way, we can only shrug at this for now.

P.S. remember when Bad Robot Tweeted this:



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