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Jedi Trio Jackson, Hamill, & McGregor Have Not Talked to Abrams About Star Wars VII.

The cool cats over at Star Wars Underworld have pointed out Samuel L. Jackson was on Letterman last night where he discussed some Star Wars tidbits.

Jackson says Mark Hamill claims he has not spoken to J.J. Abrams about Star Wars. Would Hamill break his confidentiality agreement to speak to Jackson? That’s hard to say and probably depends on their personal relationship. That said, I saw Hamill talk about going to story meetings with Lucasfilm in person at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood for the Return of the Jedi 30th Anniversary screenings on May 4th. Abrams might not have met with Hamill yet, but that doesn’t mean Hamill hasn’t met with the production yet, because he clearly has.

Ewan McGregor said the same thing when Jackson phoned him. He could be in the same situation as Hamill. However, who is say Obi-Wan Kenobi or his ghost are needed for a new Star Wars film? At this point, with Luke Skywalker presumably taking over the mentor mantle, it might not even make sense.

Jackson then goes on to say he cornered Abrams at Lucas’ wedding (June 22, 2013) to request a role in Star Wars Episode VII, but Abrams only gave Jackson a “humph.”

You can see the clip here:

It should be noted that if Mace Windu survived his armless fall from Palpatine’s window, he would be around 100 years old, give or take a few years.

Head over to Star Wars Underworld for their analysis!


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