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Matt Smith Tried Out for Star Wars VII?

Bleeding Cool is reporting that a fairly well placed source is saying that Matt Smith has gone in for a role in Star Wars Episode VII. They make sure to inform us that this is just gossip at this point though.

I like Matt Smith. It would be pretty hard to see him as anything but the Doctor though. He is so unique looking, giving him a haircut won’t exactly change anything about him. He might make a rather cool looking Darth Plagueis, to be honest.

Bleeding Cool can be really reliable so I would just assume at this stage, like everyone else, Matt Smith has gone in for a reading and that is all. They’re seeing thousands of people. Just remember, because someone goes into read doesn’t mean anything. So if you love or detest this news, dampen your feelings on it because at this stage it is irrelevant.

The last time a Doctor was in Star Wars, it won an Emmy. Maybe this could be a good thing?

As always, we’re wishing everyone trying out the best of luck.

For now, Amanda and I are going to see Doctor Who in 3D, theatrically, next week. If Matt Smith is cast in Star Wars VII, it won’t be our first time seeing him on the big screen!



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