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Rumor: Billy Dee Williams is in Star Wars Rebels?

Over at the Jedi Council Forums, user IG_2000 says he attended Billy Dee Williams panel at the Rhode Island Comic Con. At one point, Billy Dee Williams muttered something to the effect of:

 “Rebels… oh wait I’m not supposed to talk about that am I?”

So there we have it. Billy Dee Williams could be reprising his role as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Rebels. Who knows, maybe Lando was a rebel himself at one point before giving up on the cause and moving onto Cloud City as the facility’s administrator? Maybe we’ll see a retelling of “The Battle of Taanab?”

Or maybe Billy Dee Williams is returning as an all new character? But I would bet against it. Lando is about twenty six years old at the start of Star Wars Rebels. But then again, he could just have a guest spot as a robot or something.

Back during The Clone Wars television era, Billy Dee Williams and his manger were teasing a huge announcement they were involved with for a few months and then it just died out. Maybe Lando was old enough to be in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a young adult. Perhaps an old idea has been reworked for Star Wars Rebels?

For now, I’m crossing my fingers that Billy Dee Williams is returning as a recurring character in Star Wars Rebels. It makes sense.  If we don’t see Billy Dee Williams in Star Wars Episode VII, than I will take Star Wars Rebels as a really close alternate. Who doesn’t want more Lando? If you don’t, why are you reading this website?!

Johnamarie from also informs us via Twitter that Rebel Force Radio first reported the Billy Dee Williams/Star Wars Rebels connection.


Listening to the audio, I believe, as Pete & Johnamarie mention, the moderator says “Rebels” and that made Billy Dee Williams say “Rebels,” when he was discussing a Netflix Pilot:

Unless the moderator knows something, I don’t think Billy Dee is in Rebels and simply repeated what was said by the moderator. But the moderator might know something and that might be why Billy Dee said it in a tone that agreed with the moderator. That said, this is more confusing than a cut and dry situation where Billy Dee just made a slip up.

Here is a video:


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