Star Wars Characters to Appear in Lego Movie

The WSJ reports:

The person didn’t specify which characters from a galaxy far, far away — Luke? Leia? Han? Chewbacca? R2-D2? C-3PO? — would appear in plastic brick form. Still, the news is sure to get “Star Wars” fans, who thought they wouldn’t see their favorite characters in theaters again until December 2015, when “Star Wars Episode VII” opens.

I can assure you, this does not alleviate our suffering at all. But I am down for this. I love the Lego Star Wars films (Yoda Chronicles and so on). The trailer for the new Lego movie looks like fun too. I hope they keep making these so I can take my son, Luke Danger Ward, to see them in the future. They certainly seem better than most kid’s movies.

(Via Bleeding Cool)



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