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Episode 18!’s Now, This is Podcasting!



It’s the last Now, This Is Podcasting! of 2013! On this week’s show, join Johna, Jason and Randy as they discuss:

  • A plethora of cool and strange Star Wars facts you probably didn’t know.
  • Greg Weisman’s “Rain of the Ghosts”. Be sure to check out Johnamarie’s review!
  • A fan made poster claims a March 2014 release date for Star Wars: The Clone Wars bonus content.

  • Plus lots of awesome questions from you guys!

*Note: This week’s closing music is brought to you by Luke’s “sad saber”.

Tune in next week when we are once again joined by editor Jeremy Conrad, and send us your questions about anything and everything Star Wars related!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to hear your questions answered on the podcast leave us a voicemail at any time at 714-900-EWOK, or reach us any time here on the site through the “Contact Us” link, on our Tumblr, or at


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