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5 Star Wars: The Clone Wars characters that deserve their own movie or TV show.

5. Mortis and the Ones


This is a bit of a stretch for a television series, but this extremely unique planet and its inhabitants introduced in season three of The Clone Wars I think could make for an interesting spin-off movie. This three-part story not only took us on an adventure to a strange new world, but opened up new questions about our favorite heroes, and answered others. The planet inhabited by the Father, the Son, and the Daughter took Anakin Skywalker on a journey to understand his purpose and the prophecy of the Chosen One. The fortune cookie for the first episode “Overlords” is: Balance is found in the one who faces his guilt. This could be speaking to the choice Anakin was forced to make between his master and his apprentice, but more likely is speaking to the final act of Darth Vader when he chose to turn his back on the Dark Side and save his son Luke (and the galaxy) from Emperor Palpatine. If there is anyone left who still doubts that Anakin was the Chosen One, the Mortis series cleared that up for them pretty well.

Another aspect of these episodes that I adore, and would love to see more of, was how it was able to easily and believably connect long lost companions and loved ones with our heroes. On the planet, Anakin is plagued by visions of his dead mother Shmi, Obi-Wan is visited by his fallen former master Qui-Gon Jinn, and even Ahsoka has a visitor on the planet, in the form of her future self. Some fans hate when a dead or gone character suddenly returns to the show, and I agree it can be done poorly, but a planet that is “a conduit through which the entire Force of the universe flows” like Mortis, is understandably a place where anything could happen. Who wouldn’t want to hear more from the wise Master Jinn, or find out what Mace Windu has been up to in the netherworld?

Where it could go:  A Mortis centered film would be a perfect setting for a spin-off adventure. Time passes on the planet much faster than in normal space, so our heroes could experience great adventures or trials with little affect on the outside galaxy. Furthermore, new generations of heroes could learn from veteran Jedi or Sith, or even experience the Force in a way never before seen. Truthfully, the possibilities are endless, and I for one, would look very much forward to a film like that. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see more of that twisted Force family?


4. Clone Captain Rex


Need I really say much here? From the very first episode, Captain Rex made a lasting impression on us as companion to Anakin Skywalker and commander of a unit of the famed 501st Legion during the Clone Wars. Rex accompanied Anakin to many different planets during the Clone Wars, and participated in some of its most important battles. He was a staple figure of The Clone Wars and sometimes the most accessible character for the audience and especially kids watching the show. Additionally, Rex is one of the first clones to come to and understanding that he is his own person, and begin to establish himself as unique and assert his own independent thought and feelings.

Where it could go: Simple. Adventures with one of the most courageous characters the galaxy far far away has ever seen. There’s not really anything about Rex to dislike, and throughout The Clone Wars, he’s shown himself as more than just a soldier. I think a spin-off film or TV series about Rex could be a great way to explore more of the Clone Wars, and possibly the post-war life of a clone soldier.

Much of Star Wars: The Clone Wars consisted of Rex mirroring Anakin’s rebelliousness and Commander Cody mirroring Obi-Wan’s reserved by-the-book nature. We know that made it easy for Cody to murder the Jedi in Order 66, but wouldn’t that also dictate that Rex should or could rebel against his orders?


3. Ahsoka Tano


The introduction of a new protagonist is always tricky, especially when it’s one so young like Ahsoka is when we first meet her in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film. The character of Ahsoka Tano severs as the audiences’ personal proxy into the adventures of Jedi heroes Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, all the while growing as her own person and Jedi. At the end of her time on The Clone Wars, Ahsoka denies a promotion to Jedi Knight and decides to leave the order for good.

Where it could go: A Jedi padawan who’s left the order? That’s something we’ve never seen before. Personally, an Ahsoka movie could go on almost literally any adventure and I would watch it. Seriously though, Ahsoka is young, alien, curious and determined. She has ties to the Jedi, rebel groups, pirates and even bounty hunters. When we next join Ahsoka she might be leading a peaceful life alone or joined up with her “special” friend Lux and the rebels on Onderon.

Adult Ahsoka deserves a second appearance as well.

Who does not want to see Ahsoka and Darth Vader face one another? She is perhaps one of those only people in the Star Wars universe that could potentially have a moment with Anakin/Vader and hold him accountable for all he has done post-Episode III. If Ahsoka ever dies on screen, being killed by Darth Vader after such a confrontation would be truly grand.


2. Savage Oppress


Savage joined the show in season three as a Zabrak male picked by Asajj Ventress to be her slave and a new apprentice of Count Dooku. Savage is enchanted by Mother Talzin of the Nightsisters on Dathomir and transformed into a monstrous and deadly foe for the Jedi. Savage later learns that he’s the brother of Darth Maul and rescues his brother from insanity. Maul and Savage go on to join forces with thugs of the crime underworld and even Death Watch, and eventually take power on Mandalore. Maul and Savage’s power is short lived however when Darth Sidious arrives to cancel all their plans and kills Savage. Savage’s story is one of constant victimization. He’s stolen from his tribe, forced to watch his brother Feral killed, manipulated into becoming a killer, and treated like a slave until his eventual death. Savage’s very existence is as a pawn, and his character elicits a lot of sympathy for someone who is traditionally seen as a “bad guy”.

Where it could go: Since Savage was killed off The Clone Wars, a series or movie about him could explore his life on Dathomir before becoming Dooku’s apprentice, or perhaps more of he and his brother Darth Maul in the criminal underworld. Honestly I’d watch anything if it meant bringing back Clancy Brown.

However, with Mother Talzin’s power of resurrection, who is to say he is truly dead? What if he came back even more terrifying before? It isn’t like his brother hasn’t done something similar before. But Savage did confess on his deathbed he was never like his brother really.


1. Cad Bane



When talking about The Clone Wars with other fans, I struggle to find anyone who didn’t fall in love with Cad Bane from his first appearance on the show.  He’s cool, cold, roguish, alien and funny. Cad Bane is the definition of the space cowboy. He can kidnap senators, battle Jedi or form an alliance with pirates. He’s got quick shooting guns, rockets on his boots and a droid sidekick. He’s ruthless and cunning and my favorite Star Wars character ever.

Recently rumors have been circulating that Bane could be headed to Netflix for his own series. We don’t put too much stock in that rumor at, but I do think he’s the right choice for his own original series.

Where it could go: As a bounty hunter and all around bad ass, the possibilities for a Cad Bane series are nearly endless. The galaxy far, far away is vast, and Can Bane isn’t afraid to work with the most dangerous of criminals and even Sith lords like Darth Sidious. We could see Cad Bane on any number of worlds making trouble and getting paid, or even perhaps teaming up with some unlikely allies in a post Clone Wars era. A Cad Bane series could also explore a lot of the criminal underworld that we were promised in Star Wars: Underworld, and bad guys have always been my favorite, so I say, bring it on.

We have seen bounty hunters turn from icy selfish mercenaries. Cad doesn’t seem to be that type. He kidnaps children and sells them to Sith lords. The Duro is the epitome of evil. We want to see everything interesting about Cad, from how be began to how he dies. Even more so, what does Cad think of up and comer Boba Fett? Do they ever face off or just remain loyal chums after Boba helped Cad break out of the Coruscant penitentiary (hint: we doubt it)?


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