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A Very Brief History of IG-88’s Head.

Most of us agree that IG-88 is pretty bad ass. If you disagree you are likely wrong, and you’re probably stupid. Okay, that was harsh. But really, if you don’t like IG-88 get out! Because IG-88 is freakin’ awesome. What most people don’t know is that IG-88 is kind of the Waldo of “Where’s Waldo” fame of Star Wars.

Here is IG-88 as most of the world knows him. Just a droid bounty hunter that was rad enough for Darth Vader to call him up to find the Millennium Falcon.


Look, IG-88’s head is above Uncle Owen’s charred corpse! Or is it Beru? We don’t know.


You know that drink Luke gets when he goes to the bar with Obi-Wan and Chewbacca for space brewskies? Those beers are powered by IG-88 and his golden brother’s heads.

IG-88 Cantina

There’s IG-88 passed out drunk on Bespin, presumably he gets drunk when his head is used to make space beer.


Oh look, there’s IG-88’s head in a Rolls Royce Derwent jet engine.

IG-88 RR Derwent V cutaway view


So there we have it. The Rolls Royce Derwent jet engine gave Episode IV and V a lot of background set dressings. I also feel that having an airplane engine for a head makes IG-88 even cooler.

Thanks to SystemsG0 for the photo of the engine.


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