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About that Cad Bane Netflix Series Rumor…

Don’t be surprised when this one is shot down.

I heard the rumor that there was a Cad Bane Netflix miniseries being considered a few weeks back.  I did not bother to run it on the site because I was told it was in the very early stages of planning. So early it wasn’t even really notable at this stage. I held off on the rumor because there just wasn’t very much to it at this juncture.

I ran the rumor by a few others and no one had heard anything about it.

I took the rumor to a really old friend from the prequel rumor days. His first response was just “LOL.” A little while later he said there wasn’t anything on the table we can think of that Lucasfilm hasn’t already thought of. That makes sense.

But the difference from what I’ve heard and what the Scum and Villainy blog on Yahoo is hearing? When I heard the rumor, it was explicitly stated in a follow up message that it was live action, probably evoking the Sergio Leone style.

That all sounds cool and I’d love to see it. But there’s two reasons you shouldn’t get excited. The first reason to not get excited is that the rumor states it hasn’t even been given the green light. The second is that the rumor might be inaccurate, maliciously untrue, or a misunderstanding in a game of “telephone.”

So that’s the value of the rumor. We discussed this very briefly yesterday on our recording of Now, This is Podcasting!, which will probably be released on Tuesday. We only got into it because someone asked if we knew anything about the future of Star Wars and Netflix.

I think the whole thing sounds really unlikely. I’m hopeful, but I’m also really doubtful anything will become of it. I heard it from a trustworthy source, but even they were somewhat skeptical about the likelihood it would even get off the ground because it was just recently brought into consideration.


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