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Bonus Content: We’re Getting More Than Two Star Wars: The Clone Wars Bonus Content Arcs

Star Wars Blog updated today with a really insightful interview with Dave Filoni, supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As is our fandom’s See-Threepio-like “the sky is falling nature,” many took the context of certain quotes and interpreted them in the worst possible way. There were rumors we would only see two arcs and when people see Filoni say something close to that, the seed has been planted, and they get upset. Heck, I’d be upset if we only got two arcs, so I understand that. But a careful reading shows that was not even close to his intention.

Dave Filoni in part three of their interivew:

When you look at level of importance to wrap things up for fans, I think that two story arcs that fans will get to see are really, really important for the overall Clone Wars story. So I’m very glad that fans will get to see them in their completed form.

It is pretty clear Filoni is saying two of the Bonus Content arcs are of the utmost importance.

Eric touches upon the comment and Pablo clarifies:


There you have it. We are getting more than two arcs.  So we can stop discussing that as if it is a possibility. It clearly isn’t.

I found this Filoni quote to be fun:

One of the story arcs, which is very short, is not essential to the overall story but it is a nice final showcase for one of the prequel characters.

Exactly what he means by prequel character is interesting. Does he mean from the films or from the prequel era, like Embo or Clovis? I can’t wait to find out…

Filoni also shuts down the idea that Star Wars Rebels will be Star Wars: The Clone Wars fifteen years later:

It’s different from Clone Wars, and it should be. I know some fans just see Rebels as an extension of Clone Wars, but it’s not. It’s an entirely different thing with a different feeling and a different vibe.

I highly suggest reading the entire interview. It is really great stuff.



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