Could this be the genesis of Star Wars: 1313?

The way George Lucas came up with Artoo-Detoo is sort of a famous story for Star Wars fans. I suggest reading it and then reading the 2, 13, 13 explanation to see that it feels like Lucas’ style. If this is correct, this kind of takes Lucas’ penchant to never toss out an idea to a whole new level.

J.W. Rinzler in The Making Star Wars quotes George Lucas as saying:

We were working late one night on THX 1138, and we were looking for ‘Reel D, Dialogue 2,’ and somebody yelled out get ‘R2D2’-and Walter Murch, who was mixing the film, and I both loved that name so much that we decided that it was a good name for something.

When I came across the this quote in J.W. Rinzler’s The Making of Return of the Jedi, something immediately stood out about Duwayne Dunham’s anecdote:

On December 4, Lucas locked the picture. “We would be cutting away and it just turned out that George would often either add 13 frames or take away 13 frames,” Duham would say. “It was weird, because as the days and weeks and months went by, we started joking that it was always 13 frames. Well, when we got to the very, very end, George says, ‘Okay, what’s the running time?’ It was very close anyway, but he says to me, ‘Make it 2, 13, 13.’ So that’s how long Jedi was: 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 13 frames.”

So George was consistently editing in 13 frame intervals. So did 2, 13, 13 form Star Wars: 1313? It makes sense to me. What do you think, am I grasping at straws here?


Pablo Hildalgo is referring to the droid that accompanies Boba Fett in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and is seen with Boba Fett in concept art for Star Wars: 1313. Highsinger was a surname in Lucas’ original 1975 conception of Star Wars and the name saw a resurrection for Star Wars: 1313 and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (although it is not apparent to me where Highsinger was placed first, the game or the animated series). The point Pablo makes is Lucas did resurrect something from 1975 for Star Wars: 1313, so this little anecdote might be on the money.

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