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Cumberbatch Calls Abrams a D*** Head Regarding Kahn Secrecy.

IGN sat down with Benedict Cumberbatch and he lovingly calls J.J. Abrams a colorful term for hiding the Star Trek into Darkness‘ Khan surprise. He acknowledges the reveal worked in the two screenings he attended. Abrams has acknowledged it might have been a mistake and Cumberbatch seems to have been a little annoyed with having to lie to the media. If Cumberbatch is in Star Wars Episode VII with Abrams directing, could this mean a different approach for Star Wars? Hopefully it just means we get a “no comment” instead of being outright lied to about “things.”

It probably doesn’t mean anything will be done differently, but you never know…

A possible Abrams response:

'Star Trek' Photocall


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