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Far from a Rapping Llama, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo Talks Star Wars VII.

Jay Rasulo, Disney CFO spoke a little less than a rapping llamas worth to THR.

On the Marvel model and consumer products:

After the recent box office successes of Marvel, Lucasfilm’s Star Wars VII, set for a 2015 release, will be a key driver of Disney’s studio performance, Rasulo said. He also said there will be much more in terms of Star Wars consumer products on offer around that release. Overall, he said investors should expect Lucasfilm to follow the successful Marvel path now that it is part of Disney as the company would look to push its content across various Disney and other platforms just like in the case of the Marvel acquisition.

On Netflix:

“I’m not sure I would call [Netflix] our go-to SVOD partner,” Rasulo emphasized Tuesday when asked if it was the main go-to-place for the company nowadays, highlighting that the firm has also done deals with Hulu and other digital distributors. And he said the Marvel show deal was also pitched to others. “We try to be even-handed and, of course, advantageous to Disney,” he said about Disney’s approach to deciding where to take content. “We are out there playing the field.”

Theme Park Rides:

More Star Wars rides are likely to come to the firm’s parks over time, he added as part of a broader theme parks discussion.

Not exactly earth shattering news, but it helps us ground our speculative thinking, I suppose.


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