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Get Your Replacement Star Wars: The Clone Wars Disc! Plus Good Deals!

Mark lets us know that if you Call 800-553-6937 you can have your Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 Disc 2 replaced with a disc with corrected audio. This will effectively fix the audio sync issues on disc 2.


Season 1: $19.99

Season 2: $19.99

Season 3: $19.99

Season 4: $19.99

Season 5: $32.99

$112.95 for all 5 sets! But note: you won’t get the supplemary books and concept art included in the complete set (or in the first pressing of these sets for that matter).

Note: You can get the complete box set for all 5 seasons for $114.96. So if you are buying them all you get the nice additions in that set for three dollars more.


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