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Buying Star Wars gifts is really hard for the non-fan. You know the expression, “it is the thought that counts,” when you get a crappy gift? Well if you’re like me, you really have to embrace that when it comes to Star Wars. The truth is, most Star Wars fans that are adults already have what they want and or it is an item that is so damn expensive, Aunt Beru isn’t buying it for you because she got your name in the family gift exchange drawing. When Uncle Owen buys you a Star Wars gift that really lets you know he just doesn’t “get you,” you have to appreciate the thought. They tried. They don’t know any better. Then afterward you have to attempt to love them again.

Own Beru
Bad Gifters: Might I suggest some smoke house barbecue sauce to go with their charred remains this holiday season?

The best three things in print this year, for me anyways, where J.W. Rinzler’s Making of Return of the Jedi and its two predecessors. This year they also released the books in digital formats that contain about an hour of video and about an hour of audio per release.

My recommendation this year is The Making of  books by J.W. Rinzler. The hard copies are awesome but the digital books that you can read on your iPad/Kindle/tablet kind of takes the cake. The digital versions around $15 a piece whereas the hard copies are a little more than double that without the media.

The Making of Return of the Jedi

making of jedi

The Making of The Empire Strikes Back 

making of empire

The Making of Star Wars 

Making of Star Wars

There is a chance the person you’re buying for happens to be a cheapskate. Maybe the Blu-ray set came out and they didn’t pick it up because in their flawed logic they thought “I’ve bought these movies already in the last twenty years, bro.” Well that’s dumb. You need the complete saga Blu-ray set. Sure, Episode VII is coming out and that “complete” title sounds really stupid already. But the fact is the extras on this set are exclusive to it and they are awesome. This set runs around $70.

Star Wars Saga Blu-ray: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI)


There is also a chance the person you’re buying for forgot Star Wars is forever and Star Wars is for everyone. They might have missed Star Wars: The Clone Wars because they figured they were mature adults who watch digital movies but not digital cartoons. They’re stupid. Show them they are stupid by getting them Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Blu-ray. Some of the best Star Wars storytelling of all time was told over five seasons on television. Every story arc is different and while one might not work for one viewer, don’t fret, the next arc is entirely different. I highly recommend this series.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Complete Series

The Clone Wars Blu-ray

A little cheaper? The single seasons are priced really well right now:

Season 1: $19.99

The Clone Wars season 1

Season 2: $19.99

The Clone Wars Season 2

Season 3: $19.99

The Clone Wars Season 3

Season 4: $19.99

The Clone Wars Season 4

Season 5: $32.99

The Clone Wars Season 5

This is the kind of gift that either works for the giftee or doesn’t. Star Wars Jedi Master bathrobes. They are pretty rad.

Jedi Robe

Sith Robe

Jedi Robe

I often get contacted by girlfriends, new to Star Wars, who want to buy their boyfriend something Star Wars for Christmas. I suggested a Slave Leia Outfit. It will look great on him! P.S. if anyone’s significant other gets this because of this guide, you so owe me!

Slave Leia Costume

Slave Leia Costume

A new line of highly detailed Star Wars six inch figures came out. They look good on a desk and they embody the characters rather well. Chances are most Star Wars fans would appreciate getting of of these Black Series Six Inch action figures, which normally run under $20 unless they’re in demand like Boba Fett:

Star Wars Black Series Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)

Star Wars Black Series Darth Maul

Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett

Star Wars Black Series Han Solo

Star Wars Black Series Greedo

Star Wars Black Series

That is probably it for now. I might add some more gifts as they occur to me in the next few days. But those are the things I have found most of my Star Wars pals have wanted. Hopefully this helps someone get a good Star Wars gift instead of a Chewbacca doily. Okay, I kind of want that. But you get my point. Have a Merry Christmas, I hope you had a happy Hanukkah, and are having a Krazy Kwanzaa!


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