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MakingStarWars.net Guitar Lesson 1: Star Wars Main Title

Welcome to MakingStarWars.net’s first guitar lesson!

Each lesson will include a tab written by me and a video of the piece of music being played. These are not designed to teach you how to play the entire film’s soundtrack, just the little themes or bits that are repetitiously played throughout the saga soundtracks (these are called “leitmotifs”). I designed these to be the easiest way to play the themes we all know and love, by John Williams, on a guitar. Depending on your style and skill level, there are many other ways to interpret these themes, and this is just one. These are my interpretations of those themes on the guitar which I hope will help get you going. As you progress, you will probably be able to expand and improve upon what I have shown you here. But for now, this will get you started!

Please consider each lesson put up to be the 1.0 version for now. In the future, me and my buddy Randy from Now, This is Podcasting! plan to make higher quality videos for you. I figured many of you that expressed interests would rather get started now than months from now when things are “perfect!”

The piece below is called tablature, or a “tab,” as they are commonly called today. If tab is new to you, there is a fairly good explanation HERE.

Star Wars Main Title:

Star Wars Main Theme Tab



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