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Rumor: Jack O’Connell Up for a Main Role in Star Wars Episode VII?

I like this one. Honestly, most anyone from the British version of Skins is a great young actor. Jack O’Connell happens to be one of the more likable ones too. The cast of Skins often comes to mind when thinking of young actors who may end up in Star Wars VII or the spin-off series. Hopefully there is some credence to this rumor because O’Connell is very good.


Brendon Connelly at Bleeding Cool:

I’ve not been able to surround this with sources on every side but two very dependable voices have harmonised, and we’ll go with that for now.

Jack O’Connell, who was excellent in Tower BlockHarry BrownSkins and many more, is a real contender for a key role in Star Wars: Episode VII. I believe that he’s met with Abrams and the signs I’m getting are that this meeting went very well.

If Rachael and Thomas are biological siblings, the casting of  one will surely dictate the casting of the other. If O’Connell is cast as a white Thomas, than a white actress will play Rachael, assuming they’re biological siblings with the same parents. I would imagine at the end of the day, Rachael and Thomas will both have to play off one another well regardless. I’m not so sure anyone is being cast on their own merit, but rather how they work in the ensemble they’re assembling.

Bleeding Cool says they aren’t entirely sure if O’Connell is up for the role of Thomas or the same role they heard Matt Smith was up for. So there is that to consider too. Connelly also says O’Connell is as far as having met with Abrams about the role.


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