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Some Lady’s Son Has a 3rd Callback for Star Wars VII?

John Taylor on Twitter has tweeted:

I think the tweet speaks for itself. If accurate, it could really mean we’re close to getting our “Thomas” (or it could be another role entirely).

This is one of those rumors that is just fun. I wouldn’t put much stock in it as there’s not really very much you can do it with it. We don’t have a name or anything even. It is very soft news, even for the Star Wars rumor mill. I believe the tweeter heard what he shared. If not it would be the equivelent of someone saying “I sat next to Mark Hamill’s mom before he was cast” or “I sat next to Hayden Christensen’s mom before he was cast,” no one would care. It would be the lamest story of all time. Telling us they’re close to casting someone, that’s also a given. This is just the “comfort food” of rumors.

Thanks to John Taylor for sharing this information! Thanks to Alex for making my visit to the DMV a little less boring and emailing with this information!


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