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Speculation: If that Indy Rumor Was True, Could We See A Star Wars VII Han Solo Announcement Soon?

It has been a slow news and rumors week for Star Wars Episode VII. The news of the week pertains to Disney and Paramount coming to an agreement on Indiana Jones‘ future.

This speculation is predicated upon the rumor that Harrison Ford was willing to return to Star Wars. But Ford had some demands. First he wanted a bowl of green M&Ms in his trailer, all the colors were to be segregated into different bowls. I made that up, but this other part is probably made up by someone else: The rumor is that Ford wanted another Indiana Jones film and in turn he would star in all three films of the sequel trilogy.

That’s possible.

What I haven’t heard talked about is why. The “why” of it is why I think it might be true. Basically, Ford made 70 million dollars in 2008 when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released. Harrison Ford’s deal, assuming it still stands (the original Indy deal was for five films), is a very lucrative prospect.

What if Harrison Ford is getting a pretty penny for staring in the sequel trilogy? But on top of that, Ford is going to make another 70 million off another Indy film (give or take a few million). That’s why I think the rumor made sense and is possibly real. But what does it mean for Star Wars?

Does this mean we might finally get the announcement that Harrison Ford is returning to Star Wars for the sequel trilogy? If the rumor was true, it does.


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