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Star Wars Episode VII to start filming on April 22nd?

So here is the latest filming start date rumor to hit Twitter:


I made sure to include Brian’s reply as it gives it the most credence. Ali Arikan is also the person who had a source say we were getting a Luke Skywalker teaser trailer a few months back that was clearly bogus. It isn’t clear if this is the same source or not. Arikan is clearly just passing on what he is hearing, so I do not mean that in a way which implies we should eye roll what he passes on, at least not yet.

Many had been using March as the start date for a while now. But there was never anything to substantiate that which I was aware of. It was probably predicated on March equating to spring for many.

As a filming start date, it makes sense to a degree, as they would probably spend the start of spring making sets, costumes, and props so filming can commence. On a side note, spring begins March 20th this year.

I’m just going throw this idea out there: We have heard a lot of rumors and minor complaints from J.J. Abrams about moving his family to England for the production of this film. Starting in late April might mean Abrams would only be away from his children for a few weeks before they began their summer vacation. That would allow for his family to spend the summer in England and by the time filming wrapped and the production moved back to the United States, Abrams’ family could resume their lives in American schools without much interruption. That seems to have been Abrams’ concern, the disruption of his family’s lives. If filming starts a little early and wraps a little late, Abrams really wouldn’t be without his family very much as opposed to having filmed in the middle of the year, for instance. George Lucas filmed the prequels during his kid’s summer vacations, so it seems like a possible solution if it doesn’t interfere with finishing the movie on time for the release date.

Thanks to Alex @finderofwords for the heads up.


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