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The Clone Wars Bonus Content Will Be a Lead In For Star Wars Rebels on XD

Jedi Master SQL has been chatting with our friends at Jedi News some more. SQL brings some disappointing news regarding The Clone Wars Bonus Content which will probably be known as “The Lost Missions,” if that Polish trailer was indicative of all the various region’s titles.


They are very much stand alone, and disjointed, non-sequential episodes

We know for sure that the Clovis arc was multiple episodes. If they’re releasing the entire story, we know there will be at least some connective tissue between the episodes thanks to that arc. Still, I think SQL was probably talking about the big picture of the ten episodes, rather than the exception. I was hoping the Yoda arc was a multi-episode affair.

So the question I am asking is: Are these episodes self contained? Do they work on their own? Will we feel like we are missing something we see them?

SQL then goes on to say:

The original plan was for digital distribution of these episodes through an iOS app as I previously reported. By all accounts, a cancelled or delayed Apple product that was due to launch in October has put pay to that idea.

I was wondering about this app and the future of it recently. With Star Wars Episode VII being delayed by several months, bringing such an app out early probably wouldn’t make much sense. If I remember the information correctly, we were supposed to have behind the scenes set updates and so on via that app. With the production pushed back to Spring, launching now probably isn’t as fruitful as it once was.

The cool news:

As a result, the latest information I have is that Clone Wars will be used as a lead in to Rebels, with the 10 episodes starting in Spring, with the best of Clone Wars completing the summer season until Rebels launches in Autumn next year with a MASSIVE fanfair. All on Disney XD.

That really sounds like fun. It would have been more fun to have seen The Clone Wars finished off correctly though. I have to vent a little here and say that with Star Wars Episode VII pushed back, it was such a bad call to not finish The Clone Wars. I’m glad The Clone Wars is being used for the awareness of Star Wars on Disney XD. But think of how cool it could have been? We could have seen The Clone Wars end and then seen Rebels begin. Either way, I’m still excited. It should be a fun time.




And there we have it. That’s a relief.


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