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The Inquisitor Action Figure Has Been Revealed!

The magnificent revealed the action figure for a new character called the Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels! So head over to the official site and read their details and look at all the images they have provided.

The Inquisitor


I found it interesting this is still considered a “Saga Legends” action figure. I suppose that means the television shows and media that spawn action figures from now on, will be included in cases of “Saga Legends” figures even though there is a dedicated Star Wars Rebels packaging.

A lot of people were upset when it was revealed the action figures would drop down to five points of articulation. I actually love that this figure is very basic. I’m glad he’s not stuck in an action stance. I’m glad his face is calm and not stuck sneering for all of eternity on my shelf (when that day comes).  The paint looks pretty good too. While that’s most likely a prototype, I hope that general look and feel is retained.

My one point of criticism is the weapon. I don’t think it really does the lightsaber justice from what we have seen of it in presentation art. But at the end of the day, who cares? The toy looks fun and it is for kids to play with after all (they make $20 large articulated Black Series figures for us that crave intense detail and design).

I think the figure hearkens back to the old days where it was more important to get the spirit of the character in a basic design than anything else. At least that’s how I interrupted the basic designs of the past that were successful.

It is always fun to see new Star Wars coming about and new characters appearing we had never considered before. I look forward to playing with these figures with my son in a year or two. By the time Star Wars Rebels enters the third season, my two month old son (as of this week) should be ready to party!


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