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The Sky is Falling! Will we see a Star Wars Spin-off before 2018 and is Kinberg still involved?

I am simply asking a speculative question in this update. I am not making a proclamation. I am simply wondering if Simon Kinberg might be off  his Star Wars spin-off film or if it has been delayed until 2018? I am not saying he is off the film or the film has been delayed. There has been so little said on the official level about the spin-off films, I can’t help but wonder what is going on there. We were originally promised a new Star Wars film every year starting in 2015. But things have changed a lot since Lucasfilm and Disney made those projections. A writer has left. A release date has been pushed back by seven months from the original projection. A director has been hired for Star Wars Episode VII and brought Bad Robot in with him. The entire landscape of Lucasfilm looks different than it did back in October 2012 when we learned of these new films.

Without any official word on the status of the spin-off projects, my confidence in seeing them is waning. I am skeptical the original release announcement plan really reflects the realities of today.

Back when Michael Arndt was writing Star Wars Episode VII, I assumed Kasdan was writing the first Star Wars Spin-off. My assumption was based on the fact that Simon Kinberg was writing and overseeing Star Wars Rebels, the animated series coming to Disney XD. So if Ardnt was writing Episode VII, Kinberg was writing Rebels, than surely Kasdan was writing the first spin-off film. That seemed to be a fairly manageable dissemination of the work that needed to be done by the writers of the continuing saga.

Things have changed since then. Michael Arndt has left Star Wars Episode VII and Kasdan is one of the writers replacing Arndt on Episode VII. It seems unlikely Kasdan is simultaneously writing a spin-off and writing Episode VII. That just seems too unfocused. That writing team isn’t clear either. Is Abrams really writing the film, or is Kasdan doing all the heavy lifting with Abrams directing the writing? Either way, I just don’t see Kasdan writing a spin-off at the same time as the most anticipated Star Wars film since The Phantom Menace. Unless Arndt left a near finished script and they’re simply tweaking minor things (which runs against the grain of the rumor mill).

So my next assumption was Simon Kinberg must be writing the first Star Wars Spin-off film.

But the news just hit that Simon Kinberg has a three year deal to manage the X-Men and the Fantastic Four’s expanded universe. That seems like a huge job.

According to some Tweets by Pablo Hildalgo, Jedi News’ Jedi Master SQL has a ton of information wrong in this posting. In that update, Jedi Master SQL says it seems difficult to imagine a spin-off making it out the door in 2016, with his knowledge of the film’s status.

Perhaps Kinberg isn’t off the film. But maybe we are skipping a year of Star Wars films for now? Maybe we will get Star Wars Episode VII in late 2015. The we will bask in the glory that is Episode VII in 2016 and buy the Blu-ray. Then in 2017, we will get Star Wars Episode VIII. Then in 2018, we will finally see the first spin-off film? This is assuming we get Christmas releases for these films.

With Star Wars Episode VII’s ducks all in a row now, I suspect we will be hearing good news or bad news about the spin-off films fairly soon.


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