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The Star Wars Spin-offs Could Culminate in an Avengers Style Seven Samurai Film!

I might be wrong. This is speculation based on rumors we keep hearing, or just heard. When I lay it all out, the pieces point in a direction I cannot deny seems possible, hence why I’m bothering to write about it here rather than on a message board or something. I just might be on the right trail towards the the tentative plans for the Star Wars films not consisting of the Skywalker Saga (Episodes I-IX). As you have no doubt heard, there is supposed to be a series of origin stories coming to the big and small screen over the next few years.

Jay Rasulo explicitly informed us Star Wars is following the Marvel model. The Golden Goose of the Marvel model is you get an Avengers style film using several of your biggest characters to ensure tons of money come in. With the Marvel model, all of the cartoons and films culminated in The Avengers film, one of the highest grossing films of all time (sans inflation). Disney specifically catered everything to making this giant film and it paid off immensely. Well, we know that Star Wars is officially following the Marvel model now. Disney has confirmed as much. So what is the culmination?

Remember those rumors that Zack Synder was making a Seven Samurai film set in the Star Wars galaxy with Jedi? When that rumor broke, I approached some friends and was told it probably was not happening. I was told it was just a meeting as far as they had heard, and the concept was real but the Jedi part was news to them. Finally, I was told such a film was probably on the table and was one of Lucas’ ideas he handed over to Kathleen Kennedy when she took over Lucasfilm. That was it. The rumor died and went cold.

The point is, I might have got a little morsel of information in all of that. We learned Lucas has turned over ten or eleven outlined ideas for films that Kennedy will see turned into Star Wars films. It appears the Seven Samurai in Space concept is one of those films. Who knows if they will use Lucas’ concepts or not.

That’s when I got to thinking, how do you make that movie without Jedi as the primary heroes as was suggested by my source? Well we might get a Cad Bane Netflix live action mini-series. It appears a Han Solo film is on the table as the first spin-off to be followed by a second spin-off film about Boba Fett (or swap that order for all we really know).

What if these spin-off films, cartoons, and Netflix live action mini-series all culminate in Star Wars’ version of The Avengers? That is the implication after all.  What if the Star Wars version of The Avengers is the Seven Samurai in Space concept? Han Solo, Boba Fett, Cad Bane, perhaps David Oyelowo’s character that is rumored to be in Star Wars Episode VII as well as Star Wars Rebels? Right there we already have two top-tier Star Wars characters anchoring the film. We have insanely popular and marketable characters. Cad Bane is easily one of the fan favorites of the last ten years.  Chewbacca will probably count as one of the “Samurai” as well, so you really only need two more characters and we got our “Seven Samurai,” if you will.

I would imagine in such a concept, the “boy lover” character who is the apprentice (Seven Samurai) or “young gunslinger” (Magnificent Seven) generally fits into the story structure as an inexperienced character, so I would expect him to be new. So to get our seventh, we really only need one more character introduced on screen.

Such a concept would bring the entire Star Wars Universe together, with characters from every screen era together in a way that fits into a surefire hit story concept, one which would be as big as one of the Skywalker Saga films themselves, potentially.

1. Han Solo

2. Chewbacca

3. Boba Fett

4. Episode VII/Rebels character

5. Cad Bane from Netflix

6. Young boy/Apprentice/Lover character

7. ? Probably the foolish comic relief character

Maybe I’m wrong. I probably am. But I really hope I’m right.

*If you’ve never seen Seven Samurai or the American remake The Magnificent Seven, you can stream them on Hulu and Netflix.


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