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The Status of the Spin-off Star Wars Film for 2016

Ever since we learned that Star Wars Episode VII was getting a December release date instead of the traditional May release date, the spin-offs have been in my thoughts. Does the new release date mean the spin-off will hit the following Christmas? I highly doubt Disney or Lucasfilm would release a Star Wars spin-off in May, five months after Star Wars Episode VII hits theaters. Since we have heard virtually nothing concrete about the spin-off films, or even if they’ve hired anyone to really get them going, it makes me think we might not get a Star Wars film in a fashion that is as simple as “every year.”

Jedi Master SQL at Jedi News states:

 Episode Seven is the priority for EVERYONE and EVERY department. Nothing detracts from delivering the best quality new trilogy.


So clearly, the spin-off film is not on the same level as the sequel trilogy films. I think that makes sense. My intuition tells me the spin-off films are more about fun than making something in the same league as the primary Skywalker Saga. In my mind’s eye, I’ve always seen these spin-off films as highly live action episodes of The Clone Wars or something.

SQL then begins to speak about Simon Kinberg:

The concept for his spin off is for me wonderful, and I cant wait to see it. I just don’t know when that will be. Based on my understanding, I find it difficult to see how it can be delivered for 2016.

 I have felt for some time we could deduce that Simon Kinberg would be the first to bring us a spin-off film once we knew Kasdan was actively writing Star Wars Episode VII as the primary writer. I used to think Kinberg would be up second because he was developing Star Wars Rebels with Dave Filoni and Greg Weisman. With that in mind, it seems to me as if the spin-off films are somewhat delayed for now. Or perhaps the Star Wars Episode VII delay simply brought the spin-off films more time?

When you really consider that we’re getting Star Wars Episode VII in December, 2015, that’s pretty much 2016. The film will literally play into 2016. So if we should get our spin-off in 2016, we’re pretty much getting it in 2017 when you think about it.




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